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Health sector in Pakistan is  according to government database about Pakistan health there are 127,859 doctors and 12,804 health facilities in the country to care for more than 170 million people.

Most of Pakistani doctors and related to medical are migrating to different developed as well as other Islamic countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran,  interestingly only in US more than 17,000 doctors of Pakistani national got US nationality and working there. Pakistan is the 4th highest source of International medical graduate doctors in the U.S and 100 of other private medical colleges produce thousand of doctors every year.

Health in Pakistan is running in the private sector in which approximately 80% of all outpatient, there are many common deceases in Pakistan and in first and top most disease is Acute respiratory infection with is 51%, followed by Viral hepatitis which is 7.5%, thirdly Malaria which is 16%, fourthly Diarrhea which is 15%, fifthly Dysentery which is 8% and last Scabies which is 7% other goitre, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

There are few diseases which are now controlled as Cholera, Dengue fever, Measles and  Meningococcal meningitis with the passage of time government with the help of different countries


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