Education in Pakistan: Urdu is the national language of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and literacy rate according to the OECD’s in the year 2009 Global Education Digest, 6.3% of Pakistanis (8.9% of males and 3.5% of females) were university graduates as of 2007. Pakistan plans to increase this figure to 10% by 2015 and subsequently to 15% by 2020,  but actually government from district to provincial and provincial to Federal there are many syllabus in government as well as private educational institutions.
The Government of Pakistan public expenditure on education is only  2 percent of its GDP recently the government recently approved the new national education policy, in-which its GDP increased form 2% to 7% on education.
In 2010  2 Pakistani Universities  are ranked among the Quality Standard World University Ranking among top 200 Technology Universities of the World. According to World Ranking of Universities, 11 Pakistani universities including Institute Of Space Technology (IST), Quaid-e-Azam University(QAU) , National University of Science & Technology, and University of Karachi are  ranked among World Top 1000 Universities of world.

The Capital of Pakistan Islamabad literacy rate is 87% and followed by Rawalpindi 80%, Jhelim 79%,Karachi 77%,Lahore 74%, Chakwal 74%, Gujrat 71%,Gujranwala 69%, Abbottabad 67%, and Haripur 63% on 2007 record.

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